classic Italian auto restoration

Restoration italian cars

Restoration: it’s all in the details

The restoration of Italian vintage cars or classic cars is part of the dna of our workshop. We have gained a serious reputation, even outside Belgium, in the restoration of Ferrari and Maserati. Many of our customers who are buying an old car for the first time are asking us to carry out an inspection. It is not an unnecessary luxury. Many Italian classic cars only receive a façade refurbishment before being sold and are therefore not always well maintained, if they’ve not even simply been damaged at some point in their history.

We always inform our client in a transparent way. We tell him what the actual condition of the vehicle is and what the costs are for a complete restoration. Surprises may occur even during the dismantling phase. However, our L’Officina garage always gives you the most accurate estimate possible of the expected costs. Are there other elements along the way that force us to adjust this estimate? We will then inform you in due course. As a result, you always know what to expect.

L’Officina: working method

For the bodywork, we collaborate with a well-known partner in Italy. While the car is there for a review, we focus on mechanics and electronics – this is often where the damage is done with Italian classic cars. The L’Officina workshop has an expert in its team for each specialty. You can find out more by visiting our L’Officina technicians page.

Transparent communication

At L’Officina, the restoration of your Italian classic car is not done behind closed doors. You are always welcome, by appointment, to see and evaluate the progress of your project in our workshop. Most of our clients come by once a month and are kept informed in the meantime through e-mails including photos illustrating the project’s progress. By doing so, you can see your dream come true, step by step.

Italian car restoration

Restoration italian cars

The main steps:

Aluminium inspection

Is there oxidation or not? What condition are the cylinders in? What is the strength and performance of the other mechanical elements? We make sure that everything is perfectly restored so that your vintage car runs like a clock.


The gearbox, suspension, brakes and other parts are all thoroughly examined by L’Officina technicians. Items that are no longer strong enough or performing are revised or replaced. You can leave our mechanical workshop and hit the road with a light heart.


If the wiring and electronics need to be restored, we do it on site. Sometimes we also have to install a brand new wiring. It depends on one car to another. Our technicians know every Italian sports car at their fingertips!

The testing phase

We carry out 200 to 300 kilometers of tests and road tests, in different phases and gradually. Engine, cooling system, brakes, suspension… Everything is carefully checked and sorted out if necessary. After delivery, we ask the owner to return after 1,000 km for general control and, if necessary, tighten the cylinder heads perfectly.

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