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L’Officina, the birth of an independent Ferrari Maserati workshop

L’Officina Brussels has been an independent specialist in Ferrari and Maserati since 2004. No one in Belgium has more expertise in the field of maintenance and restoration. Italian cars are our passion. Benvenuto!

September 2004, the Francorchamps Ferrari Garage ends its activities. It is the end of an era, but not the end of the passion of the technicians trained on site: Arnaud Goffin and Valerio Ascenzo. The two men decided to create their own garage, a place open to people as passionate about Italian sports cars as they are. Like most success stories, their story begins on a small scale, in a building owned by the former Maserati importer, Christian Mannès. Some time later, they needed reinforcements and hired two other specialized technicians. Jean-Pierre Ori and René then joined the adventure, coming from the Gipimotor garage. The team is now made up of six men, competent and ready to take on all challenges. Over the next decade, it is thanks to this ‘dream team’ that L’Officina will evolve and become the reference in the maintenance, repair and restoration of the Italian Ferrari and Maserati cars.

L’Officina Brussels, in the heart of Europe

L’Officina is located in Overijse on the outskirts of Brussels. The garage is very accessible both from the province and the capital. It is the reputation of our workshop specializing in Italian cars that brings our customers from Liège, Paris, Luxembourg, etc. but also our ideal location in the heart of Europe. L’Officina does not have a branch. Some look for us under Officina, others under Lofficina but our workshop is unique and the only one to cherish so lovingly your beautiful Italian. We have acquired exceptional expertise in the restoration and maintenance of Maserati and Ferrari and know Italian cars like no other. We also focus on English brands like Aston Martin.

The technicians of L’Officina

To bring Italian classic cars back to life, to preserve them and to give them back the grandeur they deserve. This is the passion of our experts Valerio, Jaime, Luc, René and Joseph. Each one with their own personal experience, together, they form a team that no technical challenge will stop. To entrust us with your beautiful Italian is to have the assurance that it will regain all its beauty of yesteryear!

L’Officina in the press

officina ferrari

(French) L'Echo - 7 ateliers où réparer votre Maserati de collection

Le livre ‘Classiche Masters’ présente les ateliers de premier plan en Europe, spécialisés dans la restauration et l’entretien des Maseratis classiques, construites entre la fin des années 50 et des années 70.

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